Handy Training Information

Handy Training Information

We offer different training options for your system:

 1. VIDEOS can be found from the Admin/Resources/Online Training that are 5-15 minutes and cover some basics on how to use your system.

    2. Step by step WALKTHROUGHS can be found at: www.rpsclientcare.com on how to use and market your system.

    3. You can view the schedule and sign up for live WEBINAR training at: www.realprosystems.com/promo/training.

    4. You can view the schedule and sign up for live COACHING at: http://www.realprosystems.com/promo/coaching.

    5. A "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS" section can be found at: http://www.rpsclientcare.com/frequently-asked-questions.

    6. If the above options do not cover training you would like or you have further questions Mark Weisman (training specialist) can provide one-on-one training by appointment.

IDX Broker training can be found at www.idxbroker.com/support/kb. A good place to start is the video www.idxbroker.com/support/kb/questions/307/Getting+Started%3A+IDX+Broker+Walk-Through+-+17+minutes.

As always I and the rest of the client care team can answer most questions about your system or guide you to the correct person who can.

Contact Information

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